We have new savannah kittens F3c.
Kittens -  2 girls were born 25.8. 2016.



Our cats for breed have testing for FIV,FelV,FIP - negative 


Cats have an authentic certificate for an inherited hemolytic anemia PK deficiency/erythrocyte pyruvate kinase deficiency/- negative.



Welcome in our small Albisavannah breeding station

Savannah cat is one of the latest cat breeds created by African servals and domestic cats interbreeding.  Savannah cat has an amazing personality. It is a very energetic, positive, adventure loving cat. Savannah cat is very active,  needs  a company of the family or other cats, even if it prefers  humans. Savannah cat is friendly, playful, curious, talkative and does not need  any special care.
One of the remarkable features is its strange fur  (dotted or dapple), large round  ears light on the reverse side (thumb shaped)  so typical for all large predators, long legs and so  called „tear in corner of the eye.“
Savannah cat was  breeded at the end of 20th century, and was officially accepted by The International Cat Association/TICA/ in 2001.